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Global-Chem: A Dictionary From Common Chemical Names To Molecules

Our Mission

We are writing the molecules to common chemical names that the general public use and keeping a record for all of us to download and maintain together. We can all manage it as an open source governing community and use tools to declare whether these chemicals are safe or not for general use.

Our Plan

Step 1: Gathering Data From the People, Academics, and Industry

We hope to get chemical information from everywhere that could be expertise in the field: Cooking, Cleaning Products, Clothing, Makeup, Food, Pet Food, Environment, Sunscreen, Sexual Wellness, Oral Contraceptives, Chemical War, Medicinal Drugs, Vaccines, .

Step 2: Create a Governing AI that we work with

True General Artifical Intelligence comes from a variety of people and not one. Our AI is based off the data the people report to help us understand what we consume and use so we can understand medical conditions more and learn how to diagnose easily.

  • Work Began: April 19, 2019
  • Almost 8+ Countries
  • 12,000+ Lines of Code
  • 19+ List Contributors
  • 1.5 Million Views+ Across Social Media
  • 3506 Chemicals Recorded
  • 140K+ Downloads

Join Our Community, Be Aware of the Chemicals

Be Aware of the Chemicals you are putting in your body and join us in keep tracking of what unregulated products we as a community should start regulating

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What Is Happening in Our Community

Verification and Validation

Quality Control of Software and Standardizing Data Curation

Quality Control Plan

Software Expansion

Expanding the Software For Interoperability and Absorption

Software Development Plan

Chemical Synthesis

Reactions That Are Used to Make Chemicals

Common Named Reactions

Cosmetics and Food

Chemicals Used in Makeup/Hair Dyes and Food for Colouring

Food Coloring Additive Lists

Wellness Products

Chemicals Used in Unregulated Wellness Products


Snake & Others Venoms

Chemicals used to explore anti-venoms for snakes

Therapeutics to use snake chemicals

U.S Compliance

21 Part 11 CFR Electronic Records Compliance for Open Source

Installation, Operational, and Qualification Documentation

European FAIR Software Compliance

Compliance standards for a FAIR software

FAIR Compliance Bot

Open Source License and Management

Reports of open source licensing and management

FOSSA Reports

GitCoin Grant

Sponsor us Through Cryptocurrency and GitCoin

Grant Sponsorship

Software Gallery

Principal Component Analysis for Aromatic/Non-Aromatic

Using 2 clusters can we create parameters to distinguish between aromatic and non-aromatic

Honorable Open Source Contributors

Suliman Sharif


Ruibin Liu


Bettina Lier


Daniel Khavrutskii


Aziza Frank


Aarion Romany


Nathaniel McClean


Jacob Weiner


Asuka Orr


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